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WARNING! Burglar's New Trick Threatens Millions!

Fit the new "Snap Safe" EuroCylinder now! Attack Resistant Euro - Anti Snap 
Does your door lock look like this?


0113 258 2588 or 07879 685483

£65 per lock Fitted Including VAT
Or fit Secure Handles £65 per set Fitted Including VAT
Fit both for High Security!

You may have seen recent reports on television news or in the newspapers of a weakness in the locks on PVCu doors. The weakness is currently being exploited by burglars in some areas of the UK, notably the West Yorkshire Police area. (I’m sure you will have seen recent leaflets delivered by the police).

Millions of homes across Britain are at risk because of a design weakness in the old type UPVC Locks; this new design has overcome that security weakness. The ‘weak spot’ in modern doors has been isolated as the lock cylinder. The lock in question is not of any particular make, but is the type of lock fitted to the majority of UPVC, PVCu and some wooden doors throughout the world, it is commonly known as a Euro Profile Cylinder. It is the part, which provides the key operation to the multi-point locking mechanism fitted to the door. No matter how secure or elaborate the multi-point locking mechanism is, if the cylinder is compromised the multi-point lock can be opened in seconds without difficulty

To combat this growing problem the New locks are designed so that although the cylinder will still snap, it will snap in a predetermined position leaving intact a portion of the cylinder that will still provide security and still allow the original key to open the cylinder, thus preventing the easy manipulating of the locking system.
In order to ensure you do not become one of the many victims of this type of forced entry review your current door cylinders now and consider upgrading your cylinders to the newly available "Anti Snap" Version.

Anti Snap Cylinder
Wharfe Valley Windows Limited can offer the new cylinder upgrade for a discounted price, please call for further details 0113 258 2588 or 07879 685483

£65 per lock Fitted Including VAT – Feel free to compare our prices with other companies, we WILL NOT be beaten on Price! (Discounts available for over 2 locks)

Upgrade your Handles too!

The Tokyo enhanced security handle is possibly the most secure handle available today. Even well after withstanding the 3 minute test, the handle could not be removed from the door. The actual damage to the handle was minimal, clear evidence of its strength and security. Protects the cylinder from attack why not fit along with the antisnap cylinder for ultimate security.

call us now :
0113 258 2588 or 07879 685483

The ICL Anti Snap Cylinder

How It Works.....
During an attack, the cylinder front simply breaks the off along the shear line The attacker cannot get a second attempt as the rest of the cylinder is below the door surface and away from harms way.

The cylinders are.....

1/ 6 pin to EN1303
2/ antidrill pins as standard
3/ antisnap on both sides
4/ 4 antipicks per side
5/ 57 different sizes / finishes / variations
6/ brass and nickel finishes
7/ thumbturn available on each size

call us now :
0113 258 2588 or 07879 685483


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